IP Overview

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein.

Imagination is the corner stone of "intellectual property".

If you have an idea relating to the creation of a new product or function, or a new method to do something, in any field, from electronics to biochemistry and life sciences, then you need to consider Patent protection.

If you have coined a new brand name or created a new image to identify your organization or the products you offer, then you should consider Trademark protection.

If you have written a book or a software program, composed music, recorded a sound recording or took photographs, Copyright will protect your right over that artistic, musical, or literary creation.

If you have created a new characteristic of shape that appeals to the eye and want to protect the way it looks as distinct from the way it works, then you need to consider Design protection.

Patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs are Intellectual Property rights.

In spite of Intellectual Property rights being intangible, they are property – like any other tangible property. IP rights may be traded or otherwise commercially exploited. The rights can be sold, assigned or licensed.

Intellectual property rights are territorial by nature. Therefore, protection needs to be sought in each market where an organization operates or intends to operate. This is especially important when the owner wishes to commercialize his/her IP. One will find it difficult to persuade a local company to license and pay royalties for a trademark or patent, if the right has not been registered, and thus protected.

Intellectual property rights are exclusive and preventive rights. The rights’ owner may prevent others from using or exploiting the assets to which he/she has rights without their prior authorization.

Intellectual Property Law handles the protection of intangible assets such as patents or inventions, trademarks, designs, copyrights and trade secrets.

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